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Upcoming Events

Interview with Cultura Hoy

"El Misterio del Clóset Mágico- Una aventura puertorriqueña por María Pérez-Gómez"

Puerto Rican writer and artist María Perez-Gómez has released her book "The Magical Closet." It is the first in a series of books that teaches children to develop the skills to bravely face difficult emotions.

In the novel, after the death of their father, three brothers are transported from their magical closet in Buffalo, New York, to their homeland in Puerto Rico, which has been destroyed by hurricanes. Together with Pito the Parrot, Guanito the Iguana and other creatures of the tropical forest, Luca and his brothers must discover the secret to renewing hope and healing for everyone on the island. To do so, they must discover their own magical powers and enlist the help of the Sleeping Giant, a folk hero no one has ever seen...

Booking Signing

Hipocampo Children’s Bookstore in Rochester, NY

Real Authors in Real Time

"Trusting the Creative Process and the Courage to Start Over"

Podcast Episode ft. María Pérez-Gómez

WGRZ Channel 2
Buffalo, NY

By Reporter Alex Ríos-Malviya  


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