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María Pérez-Gómez

With boundless resilience and creativity, she turns the closet into a magical doorway to a world of adventure, joy, and discovery.
A True Adventurer

María Pérez-Gómez

María is many things: writer, performer, singer, sister, wife, mother, and now author. But to her, The Magical Closet Mystery is so much more than a book or play.



  It’s a love letter to Puerto Rico.

  It’s an honor to her late father who cherished the island.

  It’s a story that other latino(è) kids can find their roots in.

  It’s a redemption of her brother’s passing when she was        little, when she used to hide in her closet to grieve.




With boundless resilience and creativity, she turns the closet into a magical doorway to a world of adventure, joy, and discovery.


Right alongside her husband and five kids (who are all actors, except for one who likes numbers), María has performed The Magical Closet for dozens of audiences on stages and in Barnes & Noble, reaching people across the country. 


Photo credits to Rafi Mencía.

Meet the Illustrator

Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres is an award-winning illustrator whose work has appeared in publications such as Time, Sports Illustrated, Barron's, The National Review, The LA Times and The Chicago Tribune. His clients have included, Pepsi, American Airlines, Macy's, DuPont, Time Warner and Scholastic.

Known for his editorial caricatures, one of Mr. Torres’ works, a caricature of former President Richard M. Nixon wearing a Mao Tse Tung style jacket entitled “Chairman Nixon”, was part of a national traveling exhibition hosted by the New York City based Society of Illustrators.

More recently, his personal works have included a series of carousel horse images inspired by the historic Herschell Carrousel Museum located in North Tonawanda, New York where he lives.

Born and raised in New York City, Mr. Torres has been a resident of North Tonawanda for the last 25 years, with his wife Claudia and their three boys.

When not working on a deadline, Mr. Torres also enjoys teaching art to students ranging from preschoolers at a local early childhood center, to private lessons for adults at his Tonawanda studio.

Coming Soon

The Magical Closet


The Magical Closet Mystery book series takes kids on enchanting adventures to learn about the island and culture of Puerto Rico. Along the way, kids develop skills for working through tough emotions with courage. 

María’s dream is that latino(è) kids will see their culture, family dynamics, and triumphs in these stories. For others, she hopes to ignite a love for learning about different people and places. No matter who you are, these books are fun. Once you enter, you are sure to fall in love with The Magical Closet Mystery!


First book coming in October 2022.


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