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The Magical

Closet Mystery

Recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award &

Honorable Mention at the International Latino Book Awards

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A Puerto Rican Adventure

The Magical Closet


The Magical Closet book series teaches kids to develop skills for working through tough emotions with courage. Along the way, kids go on enchanting adventures to learn about the island and culture of Puerto Rico.

María’s dream is that latino(è) kids will see their culture, family dynamics, and triumphs in these stories. For others, she hopes to ignite a love for learning about different people and places. No matter who you are, these books are fun. Once you enter, you are sure to fall in love with The Magical Closet!


The first book is on sale now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart! NOW available in English & Spanish!

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Photo credits to Rafi Mencía.

Meet The Children's Author

María Pérez - Gómez

María is many things: writer, performer, singer, sister, wife, mother, and now author.


But to her, The Magical Closet Mystery is so much more than a series of books or a musical.


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