The Magical Closet


About The Book
Adapted from Her Musical with Raíces Theatre Company

The Magical Closet


Magia and Mateo tumble through the door to find their brother Luca sniffling under the covers. It’s because Mami’s going away again to pick up their abuela. But before they can comfort him, they begin to hear music coming from inside their closet. 


Following the mysterious sounds, the three siblings find themselves magically transported to the deep, tropical rainforest of Puerto Rico (El Yunque).


And when they arrive…they find that they’ve each become a different animal! On their adventure, they encounter a parrot who calls upon them to help save the rainforest. Join them on this adventure as they explore the sights, sounds, and places in Puerto Rico.



The siblings must navigate the rainforest, learn to rely on each other, and help Luca on his quest for hope…all while trying to find their way back home.


The first of the series will be available for purchase October 2022!

An Interview with

María Pérez-Gomez

The Magical Closet

A Live Reading

Raíces Presents:

A Virtual Staged Reading of El Closet Mágico


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Meet The Author

María Pérez - Gómez

María is many things: writer, performer, singer, sister, wife, mother, and now author.


But to her, The Magical Closet Mysteries is so much more than a book or play.