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The Magical Closet
Mystery: The Musical!

Adapted from the Award-Winning Book, The Magical Closet Mystery

In this enchanting musical for young audiences, three siblings are magically transported from their closet in Buffalo, NY to their homeland of Puerto Rico where they must uncover their family's secret past and save the rainforest from desolation by harnessing the magic that sent them.

The Magical Closet Mystery: The Musical

Directed by Victoria Pérez, Raíces Theatre Company


Written by: 

María Pérez-Gómez



Cristalis Bonilla-Rivera, Alejandro Gabriel Gómez, Rolando E. Gomez, Rolando M. Gomez, Minnie Mercedes

Special guest: Fabiola Méndez


Songs written by:

María Pérez-Gómez

Musical arrangements by:

Adrián Guadalupe, Fabiola Méndez, Manolo Ramos, Saranaide

'The pages are jumping out and now they’re on stage,' new play aims to help navigate the grieving process

By: Isabel Flores

KENMORE, N.Y. (WKBW) — A new play is coming to Shea's 710, but it looks a bit different than your average musical.

The Magical Closet Mystery will be playing March 27 through the 28 as part of the theater's "On School Time" series.

Author María Pérez Gómez stepped back in to write the screenplay for Raíces Theater Company and she is so excited for the path her vision has taken.

“The pages are jumping out and now they’re on stage.”

Gómez received several awards for her work on the book series and has become an inspiration for the local community.

For the time being, the cast has been practicing at Kenmore Commons.

Two of the cast members are María's sons Rolando and Alejandro Gómez.

Rolando says the play is unique because of the way it's written through the eyes of children.

“You’re seeing it through their eyes, right? Through an eight-year-old, nine-year-old, twelve-year-old.”

He says that usually, childrens' perspectives take a backseat when it comes to telling stories, which is what makes this play stand out.

He said it's also interesting to take off his "adult cap" to truly encompass his character.

“I think it’s the most hard but fun thing that we can definitely do.”

His brother Alejandro agrees that as an adult, it takes more effort to dive into the mind of a child again.

“When you’re trying to act like a 10-year-old, you have to see the world in a way of wonder, curiosity and awe,” he said. “As the years have gone by, you notice that those qualities need to become more and more intentional. They’re not inherent in you. The world kind of does its best to strip those qualities away.”

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