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A Hope Renewed

What is grief but a tangible witness of love?

Wow! What a busy time it's been. As you might have guessed by looking at the photo above, my book, The Magical Closet Mystery, went from the "page to the stage!" I have often described this experience as miraculous. As I watched the pages dance on stage, I couldnt help but feel deep gratitude and awe. The actors, Rolando M. Gomez, Rolando E. Gomez, Alejandro G. Gomez, Cristalis Bonilla, Smirna Mercedes and Fabiola Mendez, poured their hearts into their roles as they personified the magic of their characters. The director, Victoria Perez, captured my dream by guiding the cast and ensuring that every word and movement maintained the integrity of the story. The seats in the theater were at capacity, seating approximately 500 children-- two days in a row! To be able to impact the lives of children by providing them a safe space to process hard feelings and offer them hope through storytelling is a dream come true! I long to create spaces where not only children but adults can talk about about hard feelings and walk away with a sense of renewed hope.

For those of you who do not know, I experienced the loss of my brother at a young age. His loss was the most difficult experience I had as a child. I never knew how to process the pain in my heart. It was not something we talked about as a family. I would hide in my bedroom closet to process those feelings in the best way I knew possible, in the dark, alone and through tears. I say this to emphasize the need for us to provide safe spaces for children and adults to talk about their feelings, in the light, in community and with hope. It is necessary that we take away ALL time lines associated with grief. Grief is not linear. It comes in waves and does not have predicted moments nor pacing. Everyone grieves differently. We must let go of our own biased notions when it comes to grieving and remove the shame attached to it. Grief is hard. There is beauty in walking side by side with a grieving family member or friend as we are invited to experience their deep love for the lost friend or family member. What is grief but a tangible witness of love. What a privilege it is that we would be allowed to experience such a love as we become community for the person experiencing loss.

Loss is not just experienced as the physical death of a loved one, but loss in all of its forms. Anytime we are confronted with the removal of something we love or hope for, the very essence of who we are is challenged. Our identity is shook at its core. We long for a renewed sense of hope and a reawakened sense of joy.

Oftentimes, the waiting, the "in-between" feels impossible. I assure you, you can do it! Everything in me is convinced that, the strength to survive and thrive is alive in all of us! I know it to be true for I have experienced the depth of loss and can now tell a story. A story that I hope is a springboard of healing to all who encounter it through my book, my play, a presentation or my music.

I am incredibly hopeful that the next steps in my journey will reveal opportunities and offer spaces where continued dialogue can lead to healing. I pray that as we wait in that "in-between" space of loss, we are able to hold on to hope and someday watch the pages of our lives dance with joy as they bring restoration to others. May our pain unite us in our broken places and may hope burst forth from those spaces, filling us with joy as we are made whole.

Wishing you hope and joy as the beauty of Spring is upon us.


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